Monday, February 3, 2014

One by One

Well this week was excellent!

We got to take El-Shaddai to the Elder Bednar (Elder Bednar came to Ghana and hosted a missionary devotional this past week) member-devotional. He liked it! He didn't come to church because he traveled to eastern region.

On Thursday we had our missionary devotional with Elder Bednar. Basically it was a very mature question and answer session. I was so happy because there's a few things I was struggling with spiritually and I went in with questions written on my notebook. By the end of it every question was answered. The way he formatted the discussion was very awesome. He would have someone ask a question such as "what do you find most difficult about being an apostle and how do you get the motivation to push forward?" He would then give an answer and apply it specifically to the person who asked the question. It was very edifying.

He talked much about "one by one". Basically he said the Lord works one by one. He used the example, if he goes to Home Depot to buy nails to fix his house the Lord will lead him to someone who needs his advice or help. He said everywhere he goes he's looking for "the one".

It made me think more as a missionary wherever we go we should always be talking to people about the gospel. It's a lesser scale for me but still the principle applies to missionary work.

Things are going great here. We were greatly blessed with 5 investigators at church:

1. Lydia and her 2 8-year-old sons. We've been working with her for about 2 weeks. She currently goes to the Church of Pentecost. She hasn't ever been baptized and she liked the church.

2. William B. His wife wasn't able to come with him but he liked the church. We've been trying to work with him for about 2 weeks also. He's very spiritual and has had a lot of spiritual experiences in his past churches. For this reason, it's difficult because it's like telling someone they're not going to be saved when they believe they are. It's looking like he's going to progress though especially that he's been one time and has got to see the teachings of the church.

3. Cynthia, We met her right by William's house. The first time we saw her (Friday) she gave us a seat without us even asking. She currently doesn't go to any church because she sees the corruption in a lot of them. She also loved the church and I see her progressing very well.

4. Francis K. We contacted him a long time ago and have just been calling and inviting him to church. Finally he came. He's pretty old. He drives trucks for a living. The night we met him, 1 month ago,  he bought us some juices which are not very cheap here. We really saw that he is a good person. He loved the church. He doesn't speak much English but enough to understand us. He's a tiny bit slow but he's extremely humble.

Overall I've seen this week, more than ever, that this IS the LORD'S work. He is hastening it and I am hastening my efforts so that I can be a part. He is bringing forth His prepared children and I get to be a tiny part of that. I love when the spirit can use me and work through me even though I fall short in so many ways. I have felt the Lord's love for the people of Amasaman. I feel a change happening in me once again.

Also, a small testimony: A few months ago I remember saying a specific prayer asking God if he will send either President Eyering or Elder Bednar. As Elder Bednar was talking about "one by one" I felt a very strong deep impression that he was sent specifically for me and to address my concerns. I know that God answers prayers and can do miracles. He literally sent an apostle to find me in Ghana to help me in the areas I was struggling. I feel God's love so much for us. If I have learned nothing else in the past few years, I've learned that God knows each of his children. He has ways and means of showing that love to us.

Well, I have about 6 weeks left. I'm going to work so hard and finish strong. I'm so excited! It doesn't even seem real and so I don't really get trunky much. Things are looking great for the month of February.

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