Monday, January 27, 2014

"If it's painful, get it all out"

This week was another "experience."
It had lots of good and lots of bad. 
I'll start with the bad, then finish with the good:
We struggled with the morning schedule this week. 
We got a bit annoyed of each other and Thursday evening had a bit of an argument. We both went to bed angry at each other and at around midnight we both still couldn't sleep so we talked everything out. It ended up being a blessing in our companionship. It was a very small issue but we ironed everything out.
Friday morning one of the other companionship's has some issues and both privately came to me for advice. I told them not to go and proselyte until they talk all their issues out. They both didn't want to but eventually did. It was really good for them and they were both happy they did.
I put the subject of this email as "If it's painful, get it all out" because just like a nasty case of what we call runny tummy if you don't get it out while the pain is there you'll crap your pants while proselyting (which I've never done). A better simile would be each little annoyance and disagreement is like a piece of firewood. Some are small and some are large. If you don't get rid of them when they happen or shortly after, when a small spark of fire comes it will burn the entire place down. I think it's a great lesson for missionaries to learn. It will flow on into our lives because marriages, friendships, work relations and church assignments all have problems and we need to be able to resolve issues with ourselves as well as with others.
We also had an open venue street contacting activity. We went to one of the areas in another companionship's area and had some posters and just did street contacting. It's something that we hadn't done before and it was so great!
I showed up almost an hour late (GMT) and everyone was just standing around not sure what to do. Something in my head just said "let's get this rolling!" I didn't even talk to any of the missionaries and went and contacted someone walking by. It jump started the whole event. It was sweet! We got the phone numbers for 54 people in just about an hour and a half.
We had 0 investigators at sacrament meeting. That was sad but depended on their agency. Some had some legit excuses but some didn't. This next week we're expecting like 5 or more. It depends on a lot though. We're going to work very hard this week. We're going to earn all of the Lord's trust!
Overall I'm surprised at how fast last week went. As time gets closer and closer I have more and more of a desire to work hard. I keep telling President Hill, whoever my companion is next transfer, he's dead! I'm going to work his butt off.
I had a nice phone chat with president Hill for about 30 minutes on Wednesday. He asked me about my plans for my future career. Sadly I don't really have any plans. I told him a lot of the ideas I have. He gave lots of advice that was more like a reality flash of how difficult things will be. I hope to be very successful in whatever the Lord has in store for me. I'm hoping that everything just falls into place. That's how President Hill said his life worked out.
Well this week already is looking a lot better. We deep cleaned and re-arranged the bedroom this morning and we're ready to get things rolling!

I won't lie, I've changed a ton! I'm excited for y'all to see the change.
My mission has made me very bold and frank. I think it's good but also some people get rubbed wrong by it. I just have learned to say things how they are.
It's the way my trainer was.
They say "if you don't change, change will change you"

well my time is done here
I'll talk to you next week.
I'll be meeting Elder Bednar this week!

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