Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mail Instructions

The following will be Elder Schmeltzer's mail address. But first a few instructions regarding pouch mail.

Items not complying with the instructions will be returned to the sender or discarded, if the complete return address is not included.

Letters ONLY. Letters must be one side of a single sheet paper, not photos or other inclusions. Letters should be stamped and sent through the USPS. Letter are to be folded in the following manner: Lay the letter blank side down. Fold the bottom of the letter one-third of the way up the page and crease. Fold the top of the letter to the bottom of the first fold and crease. Secure the long side with two pieces of tape about one inch in from each end, but do not seal the ends. In the top left corner write your names and complete return address. Affix first class postage in the top right corner. In the middle white the missionary address as follows:

Jordan C. Schmeltzer

Ghana Accra Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

As a reminder, the pouch mail service does not accept any letters or packages except as described above.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Elder Schmeltzer,

    When we were in the Ghana Accra Mission, we served in Kumasi about the first year and the last six months in Cape Coast. We loved the people and found that their humble circumstances only made them a very humble and happy people ready to accept the message of the gospel.
    Our granddaughter came home from her mission a few months ago from Chile and it was a wonderful experience for her. She has been going around with a high councilman for several months giving the same message of what she learned from her mission. One of the things she learned and quoted from a general authority is that obedience brings blessings but exact obedience brings about miracles. She testified that this was true and when they applied this principle. it opened doors and miracles occurred.
    It really made us feel happy to know how hard you are working and the wonderful progress you are making and the many souls you are touching and been able to teach. Keep up the good work.

    We love you, Frank and Lorette Sanders