Monday, February 3, 2014


If I can chip in a few things that I learned from Elder Bednar this last week.

He talked a lot about agency. He said (and I'll quote it): "When you are baptized and make covenants you no longer have agency. It becomes representative agency. You give your will to God. Don't teach your children that agency is to choose whatever you want. In this church, we don't have the freedom to choose whatever we want. We have made covenants to God."

It made me think very seriously. Yeah we still have our choice but the consequences are much bigger than what we often expect. It's the covenants that allow us into heaven. 

Just a small food for thought.

I'm staying here in Amasaman for the next 6 weeks. I have a new companion (I'll get him on Wednesday) and if I'm not mistaken he's from Utah, a very stellar guy. I'll let you know how he is next week and include pictures.
I have loved serving with Elder Morrison.  I hope I have another hard working companion finishing off my last leg of my mission!

One thing I thought of when I saw your sandwiches ...I look forward to butterball turkey & cheese sandwiches!

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