Monday, February 24, 2014


Well this week was excellent!

I started my LAST TRANSFER!!!!

My new companion is Elder Mccullough from Provo Utah!

I haven't taken any pictures with him yet, sorry. I'll send one next week.

He's great! He's about 6 months on mission. A fireball! He's very easy to get along with and we're sprinting my final weeks!

We did tons of finding this week. We got a lot of new people. None of them committed to church this week. They almost all committed to coming to church next week. That will be exciting.

As soon as we got back to the area from transfers we hit the ground hard. I'll be honest though, time has STOPPED! 

That's how it is for the first few weeks of getting a new companion. We're still getting used to each other's teaching methods and stuff. He makes me feel like a legendary missionary. Every day he says he's learning from me. I'm learning from him also!

We set a goal this week to be more fun and free with investigators. We're going to start playing games at the end of lessons like go-fish and stuff. I saw it work in the past when I did it. They get to see the fun side of us rather than just the preachy side.

Got a few changes in the district. I'm excited! We're working much more effectively so far. I just gotta point everyone in the right direction and keep them motivated. 

I'm proud to say I'm not a "dead" or "dying" missionary. I'm working hard until the end. I can feel the tiredness setting in but the end is in sight. 

A new family moved into the ward into our area. We moved quickly after church and set up an FHE for tonight. I was afraid of it being too pushy but I saw the husband's surname was from Dodowa. We clicked and had some laughs. I'm excited for that!

I know you might not like it, but I ordered another suit. I saw Elder Robertson's gray one and I just couldn't resist. I pulled out money that was on my card, it should be plenty to last until I'm going home.

The exchange rate has been very good.

So yeah that's about all that's new.

{then there was more}

I'm working on making a Jeopardy game to do for a ward activity.
President Hill also wants me to let him know when I finish so we can do it as a dual or tri-district meeting.

I love when he takes my ideas and runs with them and points me in the right direction with them. It makes me feel great!

I look pretty much the exact same as when I was in high school.

I noticed that this week. I haven't physically changed at all!
I'm gonna hit up the gym when I get home.
is there a rec-center there?

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