Monday, February 24, 2014


When is the temperature going to get warm? I won't be able to handle the cold.

Well my week was great! Glad to say I'm still working hard and finishing strong!

We had a few rough days.

We had one big challenge this last week. We would have NOTHING to do in the evening from about 6 to 9. We continued to pray and counsel things that we can do. When we did that we noticed a huge difference. The Lord would place things to do in our way. Nothing like a member calling us and inviting us to come and teach a friend but simple things like we'd have an investigator who stays far ask us to come back for a return appointment. So again, God does answer prayers! 

Something interesting happened Sunday morning. We went to pick an investigator named Sarah. She had promised to come and we were excited. We got to Amasaman and parked our bikes. I had an idea to park and lock them to a power line near her house so after church we can get them easier. As we were walking close to her house we saw a man calling us far off. It was Moses, another investigator! I thought he was going to his church then I noticed the restoration pamphlet in his hand. I was so excited! We had comitted him but weren't able to see him at all during the week. We didn't think he would come. We went to pick Sarah but she wasn't at home. The storal of the mory is that the Spirit can work through us even though we aren't making a concious effort to follow it. It's always a great feeling knowing that you're living worthy of things like that. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I hope as you all read that ponder about in your life within the past few days or weeks when you've had similar experiences. 

Elder Mccullough is really pushing me to finish strong! It's a truly inspired companionship.
Everything's looking good to divide the ward in march. The building is almost complete. Just left with a few finishing touches. The ward conference is scheduled for the 9th of march. If everything goes well my last sunday in Ghana (15th March) will be at the Amasaman ward as it's first week! I'm pumped and I continue to pray for that to happen.

My goal is to do family home evening each week and home teaching each month. I've gotten to learn a different way of doing FHE. Be prepared!

I'm so excited!

Thursday Elder Dube is coming for a mission tour. President Hill took one of my ideas (making a missionary jeopardy game) and ran with it! He gave me an assignment to prepare it and we'll play it in our meeting Thursday. I'm so excited for that. I'm nervous! Leading a game in front of a general authority. It will be good though. I'm gonna finalize everything tonight and tomorrow.
We talked for a good hour last night about that and missionary work. We went through a lot of the questions he helped perfect them with me. I have a lot of work to do to make them perfect I love when he just calls and chats. 

I'll only email you in Ghana 4 more times after today. I might not even email my last Monday.
[I assured him that he WILL email me that last Monday! -the mom]

I got my itenary this week. 
I fly to JFK then to Detroit then to st louis??
I'm going to be so tired by the time I get home.

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