Monday, February 24, 2014


What an excellent week!

I thoroughly enjoyed the mission tour. I got to do the Jeopardy with President Hill at my side. It was so much fun to do the game with him. I appreciate when he takes my ideas and runs with them. I really learned a lot as I prepared it, mostly about how to do things rather than just talk about them.

I'm proud to be able to say that I'm finishing strong! I set a personal goal to teach at least one lesson each day. Thursday we almost went straight back to the apartment after a mission tour with Elder Dube (from the Area Presidency). It was about 4:30PM and I realized that if we did went back to the apartment we probably wouldn't have gone back out. We each had a lot of stuff to carry but we made the agreement to go straight and see some people. 

Because we sacrificed our will to God's, miracles came! We met a member on our way (Raymond) who decided to come with us. He helped teach and testify. We committed all of that group to come to church and to pray to get a testimony. Out of that group of about 5 people, one man actually did what we asked. His name is Abraham. He said he felt a peaceful feeling in his heart after praying. He's new to Christianity and loves feeling the spirit. Because he's new to Christianity he recognizes the spirit. He came to church on Sunday also! If we decided to go back to the apartment and relax for the night I doubt he would have gotten a testimony that fast and I doubt he would have come to church last Sunday. So sacrificing our will to God's does have incredible blessings because we're able to find them "one by one."

Elder McCullough is doing great! I'm so glad he's pushing me to work hard and to be obedient. He has so much potential.

Christiana called this morning, she said her and her husband are going to be endowed in 2 weeks. I asked for permission to go through with them. That would probably be the most joyful experience I can think of. Literally watching them go through the finish line.

Things are great! Feeling so happy and excited!

3 weeks left!!!!!!!!

[He sent pictures but they didn't download on his end like they were suppose to so he said he would try again next week with a different card reader- the mom]

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