Monday, March 3, 2014

And then there were 2

Well this week things have started to change. The fact that I have 2 weeks left is finally setting in. Here in Ghana we have what we call "dying missionaries" - those are missionaries who just get so burnt out and lazy. I'm not one of them. However I would fall into another category called "tired." I'm extremely "tired!" I'm still pushing though. Still using the last 2 weeks to the best of my abilities.

This week I got another fresh copy of the Book of Mormon and started reading in Enos. It's been nice having blank pages. All my other copies are marked up like crazy and, I think in my mind, I get limited to what is already marked. I've been able to ponder completely new teachings and scriptures that I've read a lot but never seen because of all the other ink on the pages.

Today we played soccer with a few other districts in the Zone. It was awesome!

So as a missionary it gets very difficult the last few weeks when everyone you meet is not, at all possible, to be baptized before you leave. Just a small challenge that I have to deal with. President Hill expects us to be getting 10 new investigators each week. A new investigator is defined as "someone you've taught at least once and set a specific return appointment with.

We've been exceeding that goal the past few weeks. We've been finding so many new people and those who aren't prepared we drop and put them back into the Lord's teaching pool. A frustrating thing is when we feel like we taught at our best and felt the spirit testifying and they just don't want to leave their church. It's always sad but we just find more people.

I can see how this process of getting lots of new people is helping me to become an escalator missionary rather than an elevator missionary. In the past, we would do like 2 weeks of finding where we get a huge teaching pool and then for the next 2 weeks drop those who aren't serious and work with those who have even a tiny bit of potential. The whole process of missionary work has changed with President  Hill and I'm very grateful for it. It's something wonderful and I'll be able to apply it in my life.

One man we found is named Phillip. He's struggling with the Word of Wisdom. We're going to have daily contact with him to help him. We called all of his family (his wife, sister and 2 young kids) and asked them how they would like it if his father stopped drinking. Every single one of them had a light of hope and joy in their eyes and they were all excited. It's not going to be easy, and I'm not going to be here for the end of it, but I'm excited I can be a small part in it. He did come to church on Sunday and loved it so much.

Reuben (brother Sakum's brother) is still coming to church. Ready to be baptized on the 15th, right before I leave. I'm excited to finish with a baptism.

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