Monday, December 2, 2013

Find yourself going through the motions?

Let's see, we were just kind of going through the motions early in the week, not having very effective days. Thursday we sat down and discussed why we weren't getting to teach many people. We discussed for a while and didn't really find any reason why. We decided that on Friday we'd set a goal to see 3 people before lunch and 4 people after lunch. That's 7 lessons in one day. We pushed hard and forced ourselves to get lessons. 

We saw it very effective when the same thing happened on Saturday and the very last guy who we met was a very cool guy, Phillip. He currently is an Elder of his church. We discussed all about the priesthood in depth. We taught in such a way that he really understood where we were going. We explained that after having the first vision, he received the priesthood because it had been lost for so many years. He couldn't really fight against it because we used scriptures and the spirit to back us up. We're going to try and visit him and help him to get some real intent.

We finally got our bikes yesterday. Now we'll be able to work a bit more effectively.

Christiana and her son came to church on Sunday. We had a Family Home Evening with her on Friday. She loved it. We cooked for her (made a simple stir fry) and then played some games. It was very fun. The previous missionaries had been pushing to get her to church for a while and I think she just needed that friendship. We've established that very well and she's told us some of her concerns without us even asking. I like that style of missionary work. It's so much more fun.

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