Monday, December 2, 2013

How to plan effectively

This week was full of learning and experiencing! One thing that I've noticed the Lord wanting me to learn is how to plan effectively. We've been setting our weekly and daily goals but not ever talking about them as we go. We noticed our numbers were extremely low on Thursday and sat down and discussed what went wrong. We couldn't really determine the problem but we found a solution. We set goals by breaking the day into "before lunch" and "after lunch" We push ourselves to get 2 or 3 lessons before lunch and then however many after. We don't let ourselves come back until we have reached those. It's really made me notice the importance. We're definitely going to do better at setting goals. We're going to work harder, smarter and better. We're going to get our numbers up and help other missionaries learn what works for us.

Impressive Elders

Elder Idemudia and Elder Saleh are doing so great together! They're both on fire and excited with the work. Things are going very well for their area. They're still getting a bunch of people to church and making friends with members of the ward and their investigators.

Elder Bowden and I had a long chat Saturday evening. He really reminds me of myself when I was about 8 months on mission. Elder Reeves is pushing to work hard. I really like that. He has integrity.

Elder Vinson came on Sunday. Oh my gosh! It was an interesting Sunday for him to come. One member bore his testimony about giving his dog a priesthood blessing, it seemed like everything that could go wrong did. I felt a firm impression that I've been sent to Ofankor Ward to help strengthen them. I'm very excited and anxious to have the ward split. I heard a rumor that they finally bought the building and now it's under renovations. I've been praying and fasting for it to split soon. Our area will be going very slow because of the distance. Nevertheless, it will be moving forward.

I'm continuing to improve on all the things I fall short in. I'm finding a new sense of commitment and desire to share my testimony with others. As a whole, the district is improving especially in finding and contacting. New investigators are going up, lessons are going up, sacrament attendance is going up and I'm sure baptisms will go up. I'm not saying everything is perfect but things are going great in the Amasaman District!

-Elder Schmeltzer


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