Monday, November 25, 2013

Work harder, plan better and keep our heads in the game.

This week was tough!

Tuesday was spent (maybe even wasted) looking for someone whose house that we couldn't find.

Thursday I went on exchanges with another missionary in the district. I am not the only one with challenges.

We went to Nsawam (Elder Robertson's area) for their open house on Saturday. That was a lot of fun. I met one missionary from Lehi (I already checked, he didn't know anyone we knew because he moved there less than a year ago) and a few other new missionaries.

At church we had a missionary Sunday. I taught Sunday school class (something I don't like very much) and my companion sang in sacrament meeting. Some missionaries gave talks and recent converts gave testimonies.

We only had 2 investigators at sacrament. Some of the other ones who we were seriously expecting didn't show up. That's always sad because that's a big step to being baptized.

We're going to do better this week and work harder, plan better and keep our heads in the game.

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