Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30th

Well a rough week, very long.
We had a lot of failed appointments. We made the best of it though. 
Probably the highlight of our week was getting the Bishop to go with us after to church to visit some less-actives and members.
Transfers are this Wednesday. Probably won't effect me.
Things are going good here. Still working hard and doing my best. We had 3 at sacrament meeting. We were expecting a lot more. 
We got a call from someone we contacted a while back. He said he didn't have money to come to church so we went and met up and got a trotro (which is like a bus or taxi) to church with him. His name is Attah. We haven't taught him yet.
When we got to church one of the first people we saw sitting down was Wisdom. He's a cool guy we met a few weeks ago. He's still lukewarm, not too serious but not unserious. We're gonna make him serious. We weren't able to meet with him at all last week because he worked every day.
The last one at church was Gershon's son, Kwame. Atsu still brings them.
If you don't mind, could you send some prayers for Atsu? He's looking for a new place to stay (he was supposed to be out of his place by last week) and he's finding it difficult.
We're working with a lady named Sandra. Her brother is an OBGYN in Tampa Bay Florida. He's a member and return missionary and wants her to join the church. She had some excuse on Sunday that she was tired but we'll go and motivate her to come next week. She even has a car and can bring some people. I'm excited for that.
Things are looking good for my area. We're hoping to baptize like 3 this month.

One thing I've learned last week is humility.
One morning there was a missionary in the apartment that got into a little argument with me. It went on for about 20 minutes. Finally I and my companion went out to go proselyte. We stood there on the porch for a few minutes. I wasn't feeling the spirit and didn't feel like praying. Then my companion whispered to me "I think you need to go and apologize."
I looked at him and said "not now."
After a few more minutes he said the exact same thing and encouraged me to just do it. I humbled myself and went in and apologized. It was hard for me do do but swallowing my pride had a great aftertaste.
It really was interesting to see that I have certain companions for reasons. I always pray to have companions who help me become the best that I can be and my current companion is helping me to do it.

(MOM UPDATE: I was also told to update the countdown...So I have and as you can see its coming soooon.  He didn't send any pictures this week but he's really happy when people email him!)

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  1. Jackson, it's awesome to hear your stories, and to feel the spirit you share through them. Thanks so much. I'm trying to keep track of the names of those you are meeting with so I can keep them in my prayers - and you as well. We'll pray for Atsu.