Thursday, September 26, 2013

6 Months Left

Things are great here. We baptized and confirmed Gershion. His son, Kwame wasn't able to be baptized. He has some concerns we have to go and resolve. Maybe next month though.

The next person we're working with is Elizabeth who we were teaching when Elder Dayley was here. She came on Sunday after some follow-up visits. She loved it and said she'll come next week. I'm excited for that. She'll probably be baptized not this Saturday but the next.

Another guy we're working with is Ebeneezer T. and his wife, Cicilia. Ebeneezer came to church on Sunday (better late than never) and he said his wife will come next Sunday. He's very strange to be honest, and I don't understand half of the things he says. He's good though. Very prepared. He said how he's just looking for the truth and until he came the first time he thought he had the truth but now he's seen the truth.

Atsu got a sweet new phone. He's been coming with us a few days. Love that guy!

Things are moving forward in the area.

So yeah we're still working hard and enjoying. I think I'm forcing myself to lighten up a bit and have more fun, I'm going to be light hearted but not light minded.

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