Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pressing Onward

Well, our lessons were low this week. We were invited to PEC on Thursday evening which was great. We had a commitment with our Bishop to go see less actives after sacrament meeting. (the Bishop is one of the few members with a personal car). It was a great experience even though we only saw a few people.

Friday we had a mission tour with Elder and Sister Vinson from Australia. They're in the Area Presidency I think. It was excellent! We were pumped and spiritually fed towards re-activating less-actives. I'm excited to start working more with less-actives. It's difficult but our goal from a missionary point of view is to re-activate them and then get one referral (especially from part member families). So far the ward hasn't really helped us very much but I feel the wind of change coming and I think the Bishop understands our view and goal for less-actives. I'm positive that he'll be giving us names to work with.

We felt like we should move Gershon and Kwame A.'s baptism to this coming Saturday (21st) and so we got them interviewed and ready to go for that. It's been a while since we have had a baptism. We're trying to get people for October to baptize.

-- On a side note from home. Elder Robert Gay of the 1sy Quorum of the Seventy was at our Sacrament meeting this past week.  No business to attend to, just passing through as he was on his way from Washington DC to Nauvoo.

Jeff went up to him following the meeting and gave him the now famous Jeff greeting and handshake.  Elder Gay said that he would be a great missionary, and Jeff said he had a brother on a mission. Elder Gay asked where and as a result of Jeff's beckoning, I was sought out and joined the conversation.

Elder Gay, just a coincidence I am sure, was the Mission President in Accra Ghana a few years ago.  He is going to be there visiting with President Hill in 2 weeks. He was very excited to get Jordan's information and is going to be sure to visit with him.

We also discussed that our family friend from Houston, Giff Nielsen (who is also in the Seventy with Elder Gay) was going to be visiting with Jack soon - since Jack is out there in the area.  He was excited about meeting another one of the family and said that he would get with Elder Nielsen and make the trip to Provo with him.

And as a final note, Elder Gay was in the Area Presidency for the Southeast US which included Chattanooga - such a small world. And all this was done as a result of Jeff being friendly and greeting someone whom he did not know.


  1. That was a tender mercy not a coincidence.

  2. Wow...Go Jeff! That's awesome :)

    I love how personal the leaders of the church are. We crossed paths with Elder Holland at an airport almost five years ago, and when he noticed us watching him, he crossed the room and approached us to visit with us and encourage us (we had two small tired children and a long day of travel left.) It was simple and brief encounter, but Elder Holland's actions and thoughtfulness reminded me of the Savior and helped me to feel of His love.

    We'll look forward to hearing about Jordan and Jackson's visits.

  3. That's awesome. Way to go, Jeff! And I agree with whoever posted that it was a tender mercy, rather than a coincidence.