Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Family and Friends can now Email!

I posted this on facebook but for those of you not on facebook here it is...
The church has released a new policy for email:
Elder Jordan Schmeltzer would love to hear from you.
Might I just add my advice if you write any missionary. 
-Keep the message short and upbeat.
-Understand that they have limited time to email and have first obligations to email their mission president and their parents.
-Understand that your friend is trying to be a better person then when he was at home so keep information you share appropriate.
-Your friend is going to be excited to hear from you but because of the limited time don't freak out if your friend doesn't get back to you for a couple of weeks.
-Please help keep your friend focused on their mission, they are just human and can be distracted easily with gossip and things back home that they really have no need to be thinking or worrying about.
-Your friend might also provide a mailing address because they like packages and hand written letters also!

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