Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 15th

This week was great!
Starting Monday, I looked forward at the week and was kinda doubtful about the goals we had set.
Well I'm proud to say that we achieved, and even exceeded most of the goals we set.
We sure worked hard! Training is kinda pushing me to be harder working and more obedient. It's good for me. 
I've noticed, in my free time, I've been reading scriptures like crazy! The other elders in the apartment haven't been doing very good with obedience. They've been a little loose. It bothers me a bit because I always have looked up to Elder Robertson and Elder Christensen as people who push me to do and be better but I feel like I've been the one trying to pull them up a bit. 
I guess that's what the Lord wants me to do for now. 
In our coordination meeting on Thursday our ward mission leader asked us about a less active family who we've been visiting. He said in a faithless tone "when are they gonna come back?" I said with confidence "they'll come on Sunday don't worry, just have faith." 
They didn't show up. But I have noticed that as we've changed our approach with less actives from going and saying "well we missed ya at church" and the normal stuff to more of going and teaching straight doctrine, not even pointing out church, they respond to it. 
I've been seeing that people see themselves as what others label them as. Less actives see themselves as less actives when people just talk to them as if they are less active. A missionary being trained will see themselves as a missionary being trained if someone talks to them that way.
A bishop will see himself as a good bishop if people respect him and talk to him that way.
We're taking 2 people to get special interviews from president Judd this Thursday so that they can be baptized on Sunday  I'm excited!

[I asked him if he had any information on if he will be in the new mission or not yet]
No info on if I'll be in the new mission. I'm hoping to be though.
I hope Uncle Steve is still there for at least one year after I get back so that I can stay with him and go to KSU for a year or two. If not then that’s ok.
How are the sister missionaries? Working hard? Having success? I'll have referrals when I get home.

My recent convert,
Mabel Tometey 
She's so funny! She graduates high school this year.

Saturday the sun literally had this big ring around it. It was cool but strange

That one is fufu and ground nut (peanut) soup. It was his (elder dayley) first time.
I had 2 and he had one. He doesn't like it too much yet.

Alright well my time is up, I'll talk to you next week.
Love you. Have a good week!

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