Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 22, 2013

This week was sweet!
We had 6 at sacrament meeting.
Adolfine failed us for coming to church. I don't think she's really quite ready. 
Well we didn't get Lucy and Delight baptized. We were supposed to take them to Accra for a special interview (for serious sins) and they both failed us. We did however baptize Bosker. He called us Friday evening and asked us if he can be baptized on Sunday (21st) because he's traveling the 28th. We pulled it off! He was so happy.
Lucy and Delight will be baptized this coming Sunday along with Mary and her son Kelvin. That's the plan at least. 
I felt so bad because in the 3rd hour of church Stanley was sitting in the hall. I asked him if he was going to Sunday school and he said "I don't know the place and where to go." I guess because I was all excited from having people at church and what not, that I forgot about how he must be feeling. I went and sat with him for a little bit in priesthood. He's pretty shy but he's super humble.
On Thursday we were supposed to go to Accra with Lucy and delight and both failed us. It was the most discouraging day of my mission. I really wanted to throw in the towel. I didn't though. That day Alex (our ward mission leader) called and said we will be having coordination meeting on Saturday. I asked what time and he said "i'll text you." He never texted so we planned Saturday and we had tons of people to see. We called him a few minutes before coordination was supposed to start and he was ticked that we weren't coming. I said "Alex, it's not our fault. You failed us on Thursday and you never told us when to come. We have people to see so don't be angry at us." He is really holding a grudge with me. We went to PEC on Sunday before church and were able to talk directly with bishop about our missionary efforts. Bishop really likes me and that's been a huge blessing. I like working with him.
Well the week was good. Full of challenges but also full of successes. This week should be great too!

[I asked him if he knew if he was going to be transferred]
Transfers will be on may 15th I think.
Still some few weeks away. I'm pretty sure I'll stay and finish training Elder Dayley. Training is 12 weeks (2 transfers) 

Well my time is finished. I'll talk to you next week. Take care! 
Love you

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