Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 8th 2013

[First of all I'm sorry I've fallen behind here but thought I'd pick up for this week!]

This week was good. I picked up my son. Elder Dayley from AF Utah. He's a year younger than me but he already has a testimony, unlike my first few weeks. He's cool. He was student body president, QB, basketball star etc.


 We're working hard to find new people to teach. We found a lot of people that just aren't ready. We've been working with one woman, Christina. I believe I told you a bit about her. She was baptized two Sundays ago and confirmed yesterday. Her husband was an Elder of Pentecost church. She's been a great missionary with him. She has such a strong testimony and such strong faith that he's seen those in her and wanted to join. He's being baptized on the 28th of this month. A few weeks ago we gave Christina a priesthood blessing and she was healed instantly. Bosker, her husband, said that no other church has that actual power of God. I'm enjoying mission despite the challenges.

It hasn't rained much here but the rainy season is coming. I'm right in the middle of my mission. Honestly mission life is pretty much all I can remember. I kinda look forward to being home but I know that when I am going home, I'll be wishing for time back so that gives me motivation and strength to keep rocking on!

 Oh yeah, we didn't get to watch conference yet. We'll watch it next month on the DVD. It sucks but oh well.

 So in my studies, I found a scripture that will help me resolve concerns. When going through the restoration, specifically the great apostasy, people usually say "didn't Christ promise the spirit when he left?" It's true but the spirit is different than the priesthood. People believed in Christ but didn't have the priesthood. The scripture is in 2 Nephi 26:11 and Genesis 6:3 which say "the spirit of the Lord will not always strive with man" Now I understood that to mean that if we sin, the spirit won't be with us. Christ's church fell away because people became wicked and killed Christ and the Apostles. Just a small thing like that makes me feel good. If I had not spent a few more minutes each day in the Book of Mormon I might not have found it or at least this early.

 [I asked Jordan if he wanted anything…] Actually I could REALLY use a subway club sandwich [John then emailed him a picture of a subway club sandwich… Jordan didn't think it was quite as funny as John and I did!]


 Small time! Not that I'm keeping track or anything but it's either less than 1 year or just a little more than 1. Because of the age change they changed the MTC intakes so it changed our transfer dates. I'll either go home march 4th or April 15th. I'm hoping for April 15th. Cause I don't think President Judd will give me an extension, so that's the closest thing I’ll get.

 The medallion is actually really important to me. I wear it every day. It lets me remember that God is on my side and always strengthening me and making me an instrument in his hands.

 I would be getting skinny if I was working this much back home but there's just SO much starch here. It's ridiculous. EVERYTHING has starch. Rice, yams, banku, fufu, kenkey, kokonte, akple, noodles. 

 Oh there's tons of joy here. Just different kinds of joy. 

 [I asked Jordan what the address of his street is so I could look it up on google maps] Honestly I don't think they have street adresses. Our address is literally "opposite Odorgonno school" If you find Odorgonno school at Awoshie that's close to us.
 Food isn't bad. I'm LOVING the Ghana foods. Our apartment is good. Electricity has been pretty constant lately. Water too. Things are improving greatly. I have to get some fufu soon with Elder Dayley. I think tomorrow we'll get some from a chop bar. (restaurant) 

 Alright well my time is up. Have a great week! Stay healthy and strong. Choose the right. Talk to you next week.

[He didn't say but I think this is the outfit he burned at his one year anniversary.  
He burned a tie, shirt pants and sheets]

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