Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weekly Report - To President Judd

This week we worked hard! The Lord really is blessing us with people to teach and some few people to baptize. I bear testimony that the Lord puts prepared people in the path of prepared missionaries.

Our studies have been good. One of the days however we didn't try. I noticed how that day wasn't effective. It really is true how the better our studies (personal and companionship) are, the better the days are.

Elder Dayley is doing very well. I'm trying to give him a chance to take the lead in teaching. He's not perfect with the lessons but I'm doing my best not to be talking too much.

We're still increasing our teaching pool and dropping out the people who aren't ready. It's been a bit difficult using the spirit of discernment to know who we should drop but we've been judging it mostly by if they keep their commitments.

Everything is good, no problems in our companionship.

I have seen myself trying to be more obedient and more of an extra-mile missionary. I've noticed I'm reading the Book of Mormon in my free time. I get a little disappointed sometimes when I'm the one that is pushing people to be more obedient. I am doing all that I can to lift where I stand.

I'm really feeling the spirit much more fully in my life. I have a peace in my heart when I do what's right and whenever I sin, even small things, it goes away. I repent and the peace comes back. It's great!

I look forward to another great week.

-Elder Jordan Schmeltzer

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