Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1 Year - Midpoint

Elder Schmeltzer completed his 1 year mark - so he is over the hump and in the middle of his mission experience.  His latest letter highlights just how much an an inspiration he has become:

So this week was great!

Let's see..... Our <missionary> activity on Saturday was a total success. I'll share a portion from my letter to President Judd <mission president> relating it:

I want to tell you about an activity that we had on Saturday. Each month our ward mission leader plans an activity for recent converts, members and non-members. We had one at the end of January and weren't able to do one in February. The one we held on Saturday was about the Book of Mormon. It was excellent! 
It started late, we didn't plan it very well. I thought it was slow and kinda boring at first. We then watched "The Testaments" and about halfway through I felt like Elder Nyegonum <companion> and I should go up after the movie and talk about the "why" of the Book of Mormon. We had talked about the "what," "who," "when" and "where" before but we seemed to miss the most important part: the "why." 
My companion and I had planned that morning in our companionship study some 5-10 minutes on the why <just as part of planned studying>. Because we were prepared spiritually for that we were on fire with the spirit! The movie too seemed to be slow and the investigators that we brought were loosing focus. Suddenly the part where Jesus Christ appears to the people came and the room was full of the spirit. One of our elect investigators, Christina, was tearing up and feeling the spirit strongly. As the movie ended we went up and shared our part. I was fighting back tears and we both taught and testified. I'm now confident that the 4 investigators we brought to that activity will be baptized. They felt and continue to feel the difference in the Church and others.
So I made it 1 year. It's all downhill from here. Saturday after the activity (3-6) we went to a members home and we paid them some small money to cook us tons of banku. (pictures next week). It was way nice.

When we got home, Elder Christensen, Elder Robertson and myself all burned a shirt. I took it one step farther and burned my sheets, a pair of pants, a shirt and a tie. It was cool. Again, pictures next week. <and no doubt a note to Dad asking for a new shirt, tie and pants>.

We had 6 investigators attend church. All of those people are pretty solid. 

One is Christina. We met her one night while walking with a member. I just felt like greeting her so I said "mommy, etse sein?" (how are you) and she greeted. She pulled the member aside and told him that she heard in the church we drink blood. He <the member> resolved that concern and we set an appointment. She's very very elect. I feel she'll be a very strong member. She said she'll drag her husband to the church. That makes us happy!

We've been taking a less active mother to go and see her with us. I feel that it will help sister Mavis L. instead of Christina. She told us the 2nd visit that she prayed about the church and had a dream that she saw me in the church and I told her that it's true. I wish I could say I had a dream that was reciprocal  That would have been cool. Christina will be baptized on the 7th of April.
Another one of our investigators is Joseph. Joseph learned with missionaries like 5-6 months ago and wasn't progressing so they dropped him. He said he now has time and wants to be baptized and came to the church. He's come twice <required to be at church twice before baptism>. His baptism is scheduled for the 7th as well, but we might move it forward.
We met a woman named Delight this week. She is very humble. We picked up her for the activity. She didn't know anything about the Book of Mormon before the activity (we had only taught her once and hadn't taught it yet) and now she's a master of it.
Our goal for March for baptisms is 3. We've achieved 0 so far. This week we're expecting 2. So Our goal isn't looking too hot. Next month we'll hopefully have 3 or 4. We'll see what the spirit says. We might be able to pull off this months goal though. We'll see what I can do!
Well that's about all I can remember from this week.

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