Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 3rd, 2012

So yeah this week nothing too great happened. I got malaria tuesday. I caught it very early and only suffered with it for 1 day. I was very lucky. I wouldn't like having that for more than one day. Wednesday we had a Zone Conference. It was nice! It's been getting dry. The Hamatan is coming! It rained sunday. I think it will be one of the last rains of the year. Last monday we went to the waterfalls here in Dodowa again. It was much nicer with more than 2 people. There was 6 of us.
I (Jenny) certainly hope this is a bad joke and that he's not REALLY drinking the water! *worried chuckle*
This week was another great week! Tuesday as we were going to District Council Meeting I started getting a fever and small body aches. By the end of the meeting I was burning up and getting a headache. I didn't think it was malaria at first because it came out of nowhere so fast. We got home and I decided to take a small nap to see if I feel better. I woke up and I felt a fever. I took my temperature and I called Sister Scoville. We discussed and she told me that it probably is malaria. She said with the americans it usually hits very fast like it did for me. I started the malaria medicine. I hated being sick on that day because we had plenty appointments and one in particular was important. That night was restless and mentally tough but I got through it. I really believe it was because I had a priesthood blessing, had been taking my doxy and sleeping under the mosquito net that I was able to recover very quickly. The Zone Conference was awesome! I really enjoy hearing other missionaries testimonies. My own was very similar to Elder Nembaware's. The rest of the week was pretty slow. We were able to get 14 total lessons by the end of the week. I was happy with that considering we were out 2 days. We extended tons of baptism dates. We didn't have many new investigators because we had a lot of appointments set up from last week. We're going to work hard on that this week. As Elder Andoh and I have really been focusing on the Book of Mormon we've been getting much better investigators. I enjoy teaching them why we need additional scripture. Over the past few months, I've really noticed that we're truly blessed with the fullness of the gospel and I desire to share it with others. For some reason all day yesterday I was missing my family and my pre-mission life. It wasn't anything too big but just kind of in the back of my mind all day. When we got back to the house I was thinking, right now I know at least in 2014 I'll go back but what happens when I do go back and I'm missing Ghana and I don't ever know if I'll go back. It made me kind of depressed. I'm doing my best to use every second here to the best. Elder Andoh and I are working well together still. I think sometimes he's more of a person to be acted upon, rather than act. I hope when this companionship ends, he'll have the motivation to continue being obedient. I think the same goes for me. I know before I moved to Georgia I was one to be acted upon rather than act. Well my time is up for today. I'll talk to yall next week. Have a great week! Good luck finding your rings mom! (I lost my wedding ring and mothers ring two weeks ago as I was throwing my gum out the window on a country road, I've been looking again out there on my days off but also understand that it's just a material thing and not something that defines my life or me as a person. Life is more precious then anything hug the ones you love!)

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