Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November 26th

This week was good. We went and played football at Edmund's workplace. It ended up just me and my companion passing the ball around. The heat was too much so we gave up after like 30 minutes. Oh we had Edmund's baptism on saturday!! It was so sweet. It had been 16 weeks since the last one. I think that's the biggest dry streak that this mission has seen. President Judd told me that it's not all about numbers, baptizing isn't the only reason we're here. As I was reflecting over the past few months, I've realized that I've learned a lot! Especially about the Book of Mormon. I've really centered all my studies and teaching on that one book. I did get to preform Edmund's baptism it was awesome! I called myself "Jordan the Baptist" Here are some questions mom had. 1.Do they have many paved roads there? Answer: The main roads are paved (not very good though) and then small roads are dirt 2.Is it muddy a lot? Answer: Only when it rains, which it's been a while. And even then it doesn't get too muddy 3.Do most families have running water and electricity in their homes? Answer: Most people don't have running water but all of the homes that I've been to have electricity. Most people just fetch water from a well and carry it on their heads and pour it in a big bucket in the house. They typically fetch water every morning and every night. 4.Are families large there? Answer: Usually yes but usually they're spread out. 5.Do they carry things on their heads? Answer: All the time! 6.Do most people have shoes? Answer: Unless dress shoes, people usually wear flip flops. 7.Do most kids go to school? and all the way through high school? Answer: Most people go to junior high and high school. However many people we meet never completed high school. The election is Dec 7th. One presidential candidate is claiming he'll establish free high school 8.Do you hear the native language and does it have a bunch of clicking sounds? Answer: No clicks. I hear Twi pretty good. I can speak small small. Dodowa has it's own language called Dangbe. I can speak some few words in that and hear small small. 9.How far do you have to go before you feel you're completely in another world? Answer: 10-20 minutes walk in almost any direction. 10.Do you still do laundry in a bucket or do you use the kitchen sink? Answer: Still in a bucket 11.Do you have good toilet paper or is it super cheap? Answer: It's super cheap. Like cheaper than the cheapest in US. I'm used to it though. Edmunds Baptism
Broken Chicken Leg
This is a funny little read...
Mangos are EVERYWHERE in dodowa. There are 2 kinds. Small and big. The big ones are big but they aren't ripe until like january or feb. The small ones are maybe the size of a fist. They are very fiberous. When you eat them it's like biting a ball of wet yarn. The fibers get stuck in the teeth. They're much sweeter than the big ones though. We get a ton of small ones dashed to us. We never have to buy them because we just walk 20 feet and we can get some fresh ones. That house was like a super nice house! One of the nicest that I've seen in Ghana
Bug splat
I'm going soon. We're having a district activity hiking to the falls. It is our reward for achieving our district goal for baptisms. Our goal was 9 and we achieved 11. Our goal here in Dodowa was 1/1. Our december goal is 2, but we might change that this coming sunday depending on who comes to church. Anyway I hope yall have a good week! Read the book of mormon! It's important. I'll talk to you next week

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