Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 19th, 2012

This week was good. We went to Accra last monday for Elder Andoh's eye test. Tuesday we had what is called Zone Training Meeting. We have it once a month, instead of District Council. We learned about the book of mormon and why we need it. It helped me in my teaching this week. Let's see.... Wednesday I had a small crash on my bike. It happens and it wasn't too bad. I went to a nearby members home and got cleaned up a bit. By that time the natural shock kicked in so I wasn't feeling much. She poured iodine on it and that freaking burned!!! It's healing nicely though. I'll email some few pictures next week. That evening we went to get bread and egg and there was a man sitting on a bench totally disrespecting a woman and bothering her. I lost it and yelled at him and told him to leave her alone and respect her. I walked away before I was super angry. I'm pretty sure if I had stayed for even just a minute more I would have really lost it. Yeah this morning I shaved my arms, it's sweet! Nice and smoothe. Today we're going too play football (soccer) with some of our investigators. Oh yeah yesterday was stake conference. It was a west africa and south-east africa broadcast. The prophet spoke. It was very nice. See if you can find it online somewhere. Edmund didn't come because he went to accra. Well yeah that''s about all for this week. Nothing exciting really happened this week. It was very slow at first and then friday and saturday and sunday we kept running out of time in everything we do. So like I'm pretty much sick of this cafe. I think in a few minutes (10 or less) I'll go. We're going to go play some football! I hope yall don't hate me.

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