Sunday, November 4, 2012

OCT 29th

This week was great! Monday we rode our bicycles to the top of a mountain (about the same size as lookout mountain there in Georgia) and took some pictures (they're coming) and we rode down and I took a video as we rode down. It was a 14 minute ride it was SWEET! Wednesday one of our investigators that works at a place called Orphan Aid Africa took us on a tour of his work. It was so cool! Basically they believe strongly in families and so they try to put orphans with anyone in their family, cousins uncles aunts grandparents or something. And if they can't find them then they put them in a foster home type thing. It was very cool and super beautiful. Again pictures are coming. Nothing too big happened during the week but on Saturday, the assistants to the president came to our area and we did some splits for a few hours in our area. This helped us get our lessons up because we were lacking. I was thankful for it. The one I went with is Elder Christenson from Oak City Utah. (Dad, remember going there for the Order of the Arrow camp out and drinking Nehi's?) Sunday morning we went on splits to pick up some investigators for church that lived way far from each other. I went with a branch missionary and my companion went with the branch mission leader. I went and picked the one that gave us the tour on Wednesday. The AP's told some of our investigators on Saturday that if they come to church, they will come from Accra. They kept their promise and came for church. We had one or two small problems picking up two of the investigators and we missed the sacrament. Church was good though. We came back to the apartment for lunch and then realized I had NO food in the house because I've been buying food from a food stand for every meal to save money. I'm going to buy some food stuffs today though so don't worry. It was a very good week with a few small trials but also some good moments. This morning after washing I decided to study my scriptures (which I have never done on a Monday) and I felt spiritually edified. I then went though the white handbook and marked anything that I need to work on. In President Judd's letter today he was talking about being EXACTLY obedient rather than just obedient. He said that he's expecting to go from 160 missionaries to around 220 missionaries over the next few months. This probably means that I'll be training soon. We'll see though. Oh yeah and this week is the week that president calls trainers. I don't feel like I'm ready to train just yet though. It's exciting! This was a hotel that is being built on top of the mountain. It's going to be super nice. Whenever I come back to Ghana, I'll stay here. The breeze was intense and the temperature was super cool and nice.
Ok well my time is up for today. I'll talk to you next week. Hopefully I'll have some good news, we'll see! Have a great week and don't forget to read the scriptures daily! It helps! Love yall, send my regards to everyone

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