Sunday, November 18, 2012

NOVEMBER 5th, 2012

This week was good. Nothing big happened. I missed halloween. 1 down, 1 more to go. That makes me feel accomplished. It was very slow this week, as almost every week before transfers are. We had so many failed appointments which gets frustrating. We've been working with a woman named Cynthia, she reminds me of sister Collins (I think I told you that last week) She is somehow stubborn. The only way to get the stubborn ones is to get them to read every day and pray and as they keep those small commitments they'll begin to keep the bigger ones like coming to church and ultimately baptism. We've also been teaching a referral named Divine. He works at a gas station. He has works 2 days then has 2 days off so out of 3 Sundays, he works 1 and on one of the two that he has off, he has to transfer the inventory and stuff so he most likely won't be able to come on those days. I don't like when people work on Sundays regularly but I think after we teach him about the Sabbath day, he'll be willing to do something about that. We'll see. Edmund is doing well, we've taught him almost everything and he's come twice to church. If he comes this Sunday on his own, we'll probably move his baptism date up to the 17th instead of the 24th. Today we're going to hike a waterfall near us. This week is transfer week, we find out tomorrow if/where I'll be going. I think it's about time for me to leave Dodowa even though I love it here. I feel a bit burnt out and I think a change would be good to keep me from getting lazy. Of course maybe God wants me to stay to see if I really will get lazy or continue to work hard. I just feel like I've knocked EVERY door. We've been trying to reactivate the less actives and almost all of them have one or two different problems. They never really had a solid testimony and most joined for the wrong reason. It's difficult to help these people when their hearts are hard. I definitely will do 100% home teaching when I get back and I'll give the missionaries referrals. Yep that's about it for this week. There's these things called Fugu (I think) and they look like a pancho somehow. They are like 25 USD and I'll definitely get one before I come home. Probably not until next year though. My plan is to bring at least 1 shirt for everyone and a dress for you. We'll see though. That won't be until like 1 years time
I asked Jordan in an email after I saw the picture of the spider in their apartment, if he checks his bed before he gets in it at night! and he says " Just a glance to see if it moves first" I died laughing with a whimper at the end pictures: An ant hill shaped like Africa -
A cloud after it rained, it looked like a wall-
This is our whiteboard -

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