Sunday, November 4, 2012

OCT 22nd, 2012 This week was good! Tuesday we went to district council meeting and my district leader (Elder Robertson from England who is my MTC) came on splits with me. We had a good time, he's a very inspiring person. Wednesday we had interviews with President Judd and that really helped me. He gave me some quotes talks from Elder Scott. Thursday we had to go to Accra to get Elder Andoh's eyes checked. They just gave him some artificial tears and told us to come back on the 7th of november and the 10th of november. friday it rained like nuts. we got stuck inside a members home for like 4-5 hours. It felt like eternity! It was nice and cool though. Today we're going to bike to a small village called Ayikuma and we're going to ride to the top of a mountain and video record ourselves going down. It will be super awesome! I'll take like a ton of pictures. That was basically my week. Nothing exciting happened really. So yeah I did learn a lot from President Judd, it was very cool. We did teach the boy who thought I was famous once. He's still in high school and doing exams so he's very busy and we just never have time to see him. He's only 16 though. My companion and I are getting along very well.He really likes me for some reason. The branch president is still a challange. We're trying our best though. The weather has still been rainy. It's not too hot yet. It's pretty humid, especially after it rains I don't think I have worms anymore. I don't need an extra blanket We haven't really found any new solid investigators in a while, one man we met while we were walking down a street and we came back a few days later and met with him and his wife. His wife seems very stubborn and not willing to leave her church but the man is very cool and humble and willing to follow the truth. I'll only miss one more of Joelle's birthdays. I just thought of this quote from C.S. Lewis: "when doing a math problem, the sooner I go back an fix a mistake the sooner I can get on with the problem" anyway.. I do feel like we've tracked the whole town of Dodowa. We did get our bikes fixed. There are still many places we haven't been. My own birthday is just around the corner. I seriously can almost smell it. Time is really starting to move fast. Just 3 transfers until 1 year
Freaking huge wall spider that was in the house. Freaking HUGE snake that we found on the side of the road on these sticks. It had been run over by a car. I'm not sure if someone was selling it or what. It smelled super bad. my companion killed the spider, the snake was like 2 miles or so away (Jordan knew I would be freaked out by the spider and the mean so I had to ask him how far away from the house the snake was found and if he or his companion killed it...thats one freaking HUGE spider!!!) The food one is FUFU being made. it's boiled plantain and cassava pounded into a dough thing. It's nice! The one with the taxi's are what I call the taxi vultures. They see the obruni (white man) and think I have money so they all start yelling "where are you going?" and "okwoin?" to see if I can get them. It's very funny.
This was a rural area that my district leader and I found ourselves at. Seriously, paradise!
This was a HIGH SCHOOL that we went to that a member owns. President Gay (the mission president in like 2006) helped him build it because he's the 15th riches man in the world. They have a farm with an ostrich and cows and geese. They had a small ecosystem that they made with fish and plants. It was very cool. They said for 1 semester for 1 student it costs around 7 thousand ghana which is like almost 4 thousand dollars. Each student uses tablets for their text books. It's crazy!

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