Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day 2012 - Phone Call Recap

Missionaries around the world are able to call home twice per year while they serve: Mother's Day and on Christmas Day.  In Ghana, the Mission President offered missionaries either a calling card good for 40 minutes or the opportunity to use Skype for up to 2 hours during their P-Day at a local Internet Cafe.  Elder Schmeltzer chose to go with Skype.

The call didn't work exactly as planned however.  Both Mom and Dad left work early and picked up all the kids from schools - the call was to be at 1PM Eastern time.  Dad made sure all the technology was connected, and even performed a test to assure all was working as planned.  Dad was not able to check in Ghana for internet performance...

Elder Schmeltzer called at the appointed hour and video.  We were able to speak for the two hours, and did get one way video to Ghana working but there just was not enough bandwidth to handle video to home.

Each of us will be writing up our memories of the call and adding as comments this week - so stay tuned.

In the mean time, Elder Schmeltzer would very much like to hear form his friends, family and Ward (both old and new).  He doesn't get much mail and is working hard.

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