Monday, May 7, 2012

First Month

So today was a full day. We went to downtown Accra to a huge market (my companion wanted to find some brown shoes) and then we went to an meal at a member's house we had fufu, spaghetti, rice, soda and some good times – a treat for a P-Day. There were a bunch of missionaries there. We're just now at the internet cafe, I was really worried I wouldn't get to email today.

I noticed something insanely interesting the other day: I looked up and noticed the clouds were moving in different directions. One layer that was closer to the ground was moving east and the layer on top was moving west. It looked really amazing! Also lately, when we go out at night I notice the moon is really bright and then the other night I thought, that's the same moon that you see back home, so we really aren't that far away.

This week was tough for me mentally and emotionally. I'm hanging in there though. We had a Zone Conference Tuesday and learned some good things about the Book of Mormon. The work is moving forward ever so slowly. We watched two sessions of the recent General Conference in church this Sunday. One thing that stuck out to me was when President Monson talked about how everyone is always in a hurry. I am often in a hurry, a hurry to finish the mission and a hurry to move on with my life. I've realized that I need to slow down and relax to be able to feel the spirit and have fun. In the short time that I've tried to do this I've noticed a big change in myself. I still struggle, but my struggles are viewed more of a challenge that I can overcome rather than a challenge that will hold me back.

Thank you for the recipe - Tonight I had groundnut stew with fufu it was really good! Overall, things that are easy for me to get are:

·       Rice
·       Beans
·       tomato paste
·       carrots
·       onions
·       salt
·       sugar
·       yams
·       plantains
·       bananas
·       eggs
·       chicken
·       fish – strong taste usually though

If you know of things I can make with those that would be cool. The pineapple here is insanely sweet and white instead of yellow.

So for Mother’s Day, President Judd said that we can call (he gave us a phone card with 40 minutes) or we can Skype. The Skype will have to wait until Monday though which is what I'm thinking of doing. I think we'll come around 6 pm our time so that might work well. I will talk to you then!

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  1. He sounds so good. I am so glad you get to skype with him. It will be wonderful and the best mother's day present ever! We get to do the same and we can hardly wait! As far as a recipe, well, I am not much of a cook, but maybe send him lots of spices or something like Lawry's season salt to add variety? Please tell Elder Schmeltzer "hi" from the Raines family.