Monday, July 2, 2012

First Baptism

Elder Schmeltzer was at the internet cafe early today.

This week was pretty good, I learned a lot about myself and also the scriptures. I've been trying to memorize the scripture mastery's which I wish I had done better at in seminary.

So I'm done with my training! I'm at the cafe earlier today because we're going to Accra. I found out that my trainer (companion) will be transferred this Wednesday, but I'll be here in Tema still. I'm really nervous to see who my new companion will be. We'll be covering two wards again which will be a good experience I think. Definitely not easy though. It's actually been really nice weather here. Rainy and cloudy but not too hot at all!

I'm starting to really love Ghana and the people. I can see myself not even being able to function when I get home because I'll miss it here so much and stuff. We had a baptism this past Saturday. I got to preform it which was sweet - my first!! I'll email the picture next week because I'm short on time this week and it will take forever to upload. We were supposed to have two baptisms but one of the candidates got sick but hopefully I'll get to baptize her this next Saturday.

Next week I'll be at the cafe for the full 2 hours (President Judd said we should only be here for two hours) oh and I'll be sending a letter this week with some Indomie-packets that you should try but it's kind of strong so try it with a 1 pack to 2 noodles of Top Ramen at first. i've been thinking that when I come home I'll bring some pineapples in my carry on bag because they are white here and way way sweeter. I don't know if they'd allow that though but we'll see, that's still forever away.

We made no bake cookies last night and it's sweet. We have tons still! I also found some pistachio jello pudding for 50 peswas each because they were about to expire (this was at an American store) and so I made that with powdered milk and it's way good! If you do send a big package could you try to find a windbreaker (timberline style) size L because that would be super nice for when it rains and I have to ride my bike that kicks up all the mud. Maybe some crayons or colored pencils (with a pencil sharperner because mine broke).

Oh one funny thing is this week we were teaching a lady and she's not the smartest but she had her baptism interview and afterwards told us "I telled the truth" and it sounded just like an 8 year old and I was trying so hard not to laugh because it sounded so funny to me!

I'm alive and well. Talk to you next week!

Love, Elder Schmeltzer

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