Monday, June 25, 2012

The work is good

During my second week here we found a guy named Kofi Antwi and he's single, 45ish. We taught him a few times but then he travelled for a month. We recently started teaching him again and he accepted a baptism date on the terms that we don't rush him and pressure him if he doesn't have a personal testimony or understand the Book of Mormon. He asks a lot of random questions like "what do missionaries do" and "why are both your first names Elder?" Some questions don't really have an answer or we don't know which is ok.

We've been teaching a lady named Elizabeth Dickson and her brother, Emmanuel Okorley. Elizabeth is single and her baptism is scheduled for this Saturday. She doesn't speak or read english very well so we'll have to work hard to teach her everything this week and continue to teach her after she's baptized. Her brother is smart but harder to get a hold of. His baptism is planned for the 14th of July.

Our investigators have to come to church 3 times as a requirement to be baptized and we really struggle with that. Eugene (from last week's letter) had not had contact with us in some time and was at church when we arrived. With Eugene we don't know why he came but he didn't come this last Sunday which sucked.

We've been teaching Papa Sey, who was the old man in my first baptism. He's like 76 I think. He loves when we come over and I like visiting with him. He was what we call a "golden investigator" just totally prepared for baptism and he already has a strong testimony.

That's pretty much all of our serious investigators, other than Kingsley.  He didn't come to church yesterday for some reason but his baptism will be not this saturday but the next. That is if he can come to church once more.

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