Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Letter Home

The following is from the latest letter home and is also an answer to some family questions:

I'm doing well, conference was AMAZING!

Today I was craving smarties.

The pillow I have is like straight up cotton fluff so it is really dense and hot.

One of the Elder's in my room plays a CD with hymns at night through his speakers it's nice. Ever since i've got here I LOVE LOVE LOVE hymns it's the weirdest thing. There is always a hymn in my mind. Right now it is 227 (There is Sunshine In My Soul Today)

We pretty much live the mission rules here. We're supposed to be with our companions 100% of the time.

I feel myself improving each day. I feel myself growing each day. I feel myself finding opportunities to help others each day. Last night I helped a missionary sew some red thread onto his socks (so he could distinguish between his and the others while doing laundry) and I felt so good teaching him how to sew.

I think we'll find out on Sunday where we'll be assigned first. This week is going by too fast, I don't know enough to be out on my own(ish). I'm so excited to be able to teach people, I hope I have a good trainer. I'll "go where you want me to go"  I'm sure the spirit, my mission president, my trainer and other missionaries will teach me everything I need to know.

I love you all too and miss you a lot every day.  I'll talk to you tomorrow after I attend the temple.

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