Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Week: Adjustments

New missionaries, regardless of where they serve, find that the first week is particularly hard in terms of adjustments.  They may have looked forward with years of wanting to be on a mission, but suddenly they realize that the are away from their families, they have a great responsibility and although they may have learned many things over their brief 19 years; they suddenly realize they feel mentally unprepared.

Elder Schmeltzer is in this stage as well as all those of his peers who entered the MTCs around the world. They suddenly realize something of great significance - "I struggle sometimes. I think I'll be able to do it but there's no way I can do it on my own."

As families and friends, what can we do to help in these times, just one simple thing - PRAY for our missionaries to have strength, courage, and most of all to learn to rely fully on our beloved Savior. It is His work that they are doing.  Just as Paul or Ammon anciently, missionaries that do this will be able to have the love necessary to share the gospel, and to find great joy. Our missionary said it best, just as many others do every day: "It will be so worth it though!" 

So today, please remember to pray for not just one missionary, but for all 65,000+ that are serving throughout the entire earth.  Pray for their strength, courage, reliance on the Lord Jesus Christ, and for their success.  I have always taught in our family that missionary service ends up not being for those who find the Gospel as much as it is a time where you learn how to live the rest of you life relying on the Lord in all things.

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