Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shipping Packages - Elder Care Packages

No mail or packages are delivered in the Ghana MTC. We will post when Elder Schmeltzer receives his first assignment and address.

Packages (such as care packages) are always welcome by missionaries. However there are some special circumstances to consider before sending packages to a missionary in Ghana. Missionaries do have a limited amount of funds available for food and so forth, not large sums. A fee is charged to pick up boxes.

Large packages sent via the post office often take some time to reach the missionary, are often lost, and require the missionary to pay (from his subsistence) a large customs fee, which often exceeds the value of the contents - it is not based on the value nor on weight or size of the package necessarily.

Large packages could be broken down in size (making several small shipments from one). The USPO Priority Mail Flat Rate Mailing Envelope ($13.95) or Box ($13.95) is rarely charged a customs fee or opened by the post office in Ghana.

Packages sent FEDEX or DHL arive without delays or fees and can also be traced. Ship via DHL or FEDEX to assure the package arrives and the missionary does not need to pay a fee, however the shipping rates can be very expensive for the sender ($200 or more for 5 pounds).

RECOMMENDATION: Plan ahead and make small packages more frequent.

Elder J. Schmeltzer
Ghana Accra Mission
#6 Tenth Avenue
East Ridge
Accra, Ghana

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