Thursday, March 22, 2012

Atlanta Departure

Elder Schmeltzer met with the following at Gate E-12 tonight and departed for Accra Ghana:

  • Elder Christensen - Shelley, ID
  • Elder Dickerson - Layton, UT
  • Elder Sio - Redbanks, CA
  • Elder Rodabaugh - Lehi, UT
  • Elder Chaffetz - Alpine, UT
  • Elder Mills - Heber, AZ (Our dinner guest and only one heading to Sierra Leone after MTC)
  • Elder Pearson - Fairfield, MT
  • Elder Pietsch - Vallejo, CA


  1. If you notice we are actually at the gate!!! How exciting was it for us when the gal helping guide people to the checkin counters suggested that we ask for gate passes! We needed to provide our ID but it was well worth it. We were able to get through security then eat at TGIF's and while we were waiting Elder Schmeltzer and John went to the gate to see if the other Elders needed to eat as well. Everyone but Elder Mills had just came from there (and a bonus for them they had someone else pick up the bill for their meals! I just LOVE when people can do good things like that!) Anyway we were able to enjoy our meal then at the gate decided that it was time to say goodbye. Yeah yeah I know everyone was watching to see how much 'mom' would break down but I tried to be strong. Especially since the other elders had already said goodbye's to their families earlier in the day or so I just felt awkward enough to be strong and not make such a spectacle. But it is something for me that was a very emotional heart wrenching thing to do, and probably something only a mothers love can bring an understanding of. We are so happy for Elder Schmeltzer to be doing what he feels is so important in his journey. The other kids keep him in their prayers and this is the beginning of a wonderful chapter for him~ The Mom

  2. And the surprise of being able to go through security had some of us scurrying to the car to drop off the thing not permitted beyond a certain point.