Friday, November 18, 2011

Time to start getting dressed

Over the years I have been a regular customer - working with Kent Brown. Well, Mr. Brown has retired mostly and sent me over to Spence. I had a brief visit with Spence and found that Mr. Mac is not only the best place for me, but for my missionary.
Although we live more than a thousand miles away, Spence treated us like a neighbor. He knows exactly what we need and how to do all of this via long distance. We look forward to getting all that we need. So now for the plan. Measure Elder Schmeltzer's current suit to determine the waist and length needed. Get the shirt size. Spence will put together the slacks and shirts that will work best in Ghana. How do we decide what ties to get. Spence will send us a dozen so that we can select which ones we keep, the rest get returned. Spence even know that laundering shirts, slacks, and even a spot on a tie is different in Ghana - the clothing accounts for the in-country handling that will be needed. And for the backpack and special pouch for important papers and passport. Spence suggested these.

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