Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Passport applied for ...

So Jordan and I (along with his friend Justin, who just got home last night from his bootcamp/guard training where he's been all summer, thank you Justin for serving this country and being ready to defend her honor!) went to apply for the passport at the post office. We arrived a few minutes before our appointment and we were able to work with "Jo" She was older and very nice. I realized I was doing all the talking then I told jordan I was going to go mute so he can do the talking.....yeah well on the way out Jordan said to me...."so much for being mute" I had been talking with her and completely forgot I was suppose to go mute. SOO sorry Jordan ....but can you blame me? I am excited! I don't even have a passport....yet. might be awhile though....they aren't cheap!!! Now we wait to get his back, then gather all of the stuff to mail to the Church for the visa application process. The passport total was like $186 (or something like that, it includes the $60 fee to expedite the process) and the fee to the post office was like $46 or something like that (for their $25 dollar processing then another $20 to have it overnighted to the passport people)

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