Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Obtaining Passport process....

So I called and found out that there is a private company in Nashville for obtaining passports but you DO pay a much higher price to have it expedited quicker then normal expediting via the USPS (united states postal service). I also found out there is a federal government office in Atlanta that can expedite also but to qualify for that he needs to be traveling to the country of travel within 14 days, which he isn't. So the best option is going through the Post Office where the fee's are going to be $135 for the passport, $60 to expedite, and like $20 to rush the application (overnight) then $25 to the post office application fee and $20 to have the passport people overnight it back to us when its complete. There would also be a fee for passport photos however we already got those through Costco (which was a good deal, the first set was $4.99 (you get two pictures for that) then $.13 cents for each additional set. So we got enough and then some)
So I have an appointment with Jordan at the Post office scheduled for tomorrow at 3pm.
We also have other stuff on our list for tomorrow while he is here for the day working on this (he's working and living down with his Uncle Steve in Marietta Ga) But that passport is pretty important because there's a deadline so it doesn't delay his mission 6 weeks.

I will be happy when its submitted! Also if you have a son who's planning on going on a mission. It might be a good idea to get one his senior year of high school!

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