Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Details

Received the travel packet this week and now we get the details, and the almost impossible due dates, almost but still achieveable.

By 6 DEC, we have to get all of the following done:

* Signed Passport- The passport process is usually 10-12 weeks. Going direct to Atlanta, it can be rushed through in 4-6 or less; but still very tight. But a little research and we find that a trip to Nashville can get it in 3 days if expedited. Nashville it is!

* Visa Application- Ghana needs a lot of information before issuing the Visa. Fortunately there are some great people at the church that knows how to do this right. They have help with some of the basic information, now we just fill in the rest.

* 14 Color passport photos- lucky they told us early, we got 30.

* Police Clearance Letter- A visit to the local police department and this should be easy, just an official letter stating that the background is clear of any issues.

* Photocopy of missionary call letter- another easy one, got that right here.

* Photocopy of Priesthood Ordination Certificate- the clerk should be able to generate these pretty easily; requested it today.

* Notarized photocopy of education qualifications- This is a copy of the high school diploma. Have to ask if they want an official one from the School Board or just a photocopy of the original; not sure what is to be notarized so another question.

* Notarized photocopy of vocational/professional qualifications- includes license, achievements, special training and recognitions, community achievements, professional organizations; have to ask but am pretty sure this would include scouting such as Eagle, NYLT, Order of Arrow, leadership positions, etc.

* Notarized photocopy of Ministerial qualifications- Priesthood advancements, ordination certificates, Duty to God and Quorum presidencies.

*Resume- Basic but easy one to finish this all

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