Monday, December 30, 2013

Don't worry, yesterday I de-wormed...

There's a surprise coming to the Amasaman District council Meeting this Tuesday.

President and Sister Hill are coming to lead us through our district meeting with their own agenda. The other missionaries don't know. I found out because I called President Hill on Sunday after church and asked him about when I can get my temple recommend renewed. He said he was already coming to our DCM to have my district and myself have some input on a new program we're going to design to improve our teaching skills.

I'm pumped that they want to use my district as kind of a beta test.

President also told me that after the meeting he'll be conducting what is called a "Temple Recommend Interview" which will restore me to my full temple attendance capabilities.

So on the last day of the last month that my temple recommend expires, President Hill will save the day! Cutting it close isn't it?

Well as you know this week was Christmas, a very nice time to be a missionary.
The lady who's iPhone I borrowed (Charity) was upset when we weren't able to return the phone Christmas night. She missed a lot of phone calls from friends and family. She came and found our apartment the next morning and we gave her the phone and charger. We saw her later that day and found out she was about to paint her house. We offered to bring all the missionaries and paint her house to make up for what we did.

She was more than accepting for that offer. We went on Thursday morning and spent a few hours painting the inside of her house. It looked much better and her nephew who was visiting also wanted to come to the church after he learned about the church and saw us doing service. He was so happy but it's too bad he lives in Kumasi and we'll have to pass him off as a referral to those missionaries.

Doing the painting reminded me of when we painted the Utah house. I can totally do that as a job if I get a friend/business partner. That could make some serious money!

Anyway Boxing Day was the 26th, That's the day in Ghana where everyone exchanges Christmas gifts (boxes). We visited some members and get 4 huge meals, I was suffering with too much enjoyment!!

Today we went to Accra and went to KFC. It was very expensive, honestly not worth it. But it was nice to have a tiny taste of home.

I got worms during the week. Don't worry, yesterday I de-wormed. I'm ok now!

It was a great week and this week will definitely be way better! We have a lot of people we have to see.

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