Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stepping Up - Working Harder & Smarter

We did a lot of finding this week! Got a lot of new people. We're going to follow up with them and see how this week goes. It's looking promising.

We got invited to go to PEC on Thursday. It was nuts! We're doing all that we can to get on the same page as the ward.

I'm learning a lot about being bold with other missionaries. I've learned to be bold with investigators but being bold with other missionaries is somehow difficult for me. I guess the reason is that it will end up causing more contention sometimes. The fear needs to go in the back of the cart and let the faith drive the wagon.

President Hill is really working us hard! He's having us get 3-5 less active names from the ward each week and we go and visit them. Up until this week we haven't been able to get those referrals. We got our 3 this week and we're going to be visiting them during the week and reactivating them. One is named Frank S. We've been teaching him already a few times. He's a tailor. He made me two sets of dress trouser. The other two are named John A. and Michael A. I don't really know much about either of them. Let's hope all goes well. Nothing big really happened this week. Same old, same old.

We taught a total of 35 lessons this week. Usually we get around 25. We worked our butts off! We worked smarter this week as well as harder.

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