Monday, September 10, 2012

A feeling, not so well

This week I was sick small. My stomach hurt on Wednesday but we still went out. 

That evening when we got back Sister Baker (one of the mission couples) had me take one <a medication for what ailed Elder Schmeltzer>. 

I ended up vomiting after an hour or two but I felt so much better. Honestly I had never had anything as painful in my whole life.

 The next day I had a slight fever so we took it very easy all day, aka stayed in the apartment. We went out in the evening even though I wasn't 100% and we tried to see one of our investigators but he wasn't available which was a disappointment. 

<needless to say, he is feeling a bit better now>

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  1. What we forgot to mention is part of why it was painful after his vomiting was he got a piece of rice stuck in his nose, thats what was painful. I assume by now he got the rice out *chuckle* (his dad posted the original story and i'm sure he was trying not to be embaressing)