Monday, April 30, 2012

First week update.

The people are very religious here and very receptive and open to the messages we share. A few people are very firm in their traditions: for instance one guy is a from another faith and told us that God is a spirit and we just had to show him scriptures such as Genesis 1:27 that says God created man in his own image and stuff.

He's funny - he invited us to his church before we could invite him to ours. He said basically "you come to mine and I'll come to yours" but his is at 6:30 in the morning and we don't get out that early.

Our lessons are going well. The ward did an activity about a month ago and they went door to door and did proselyting and wrote down a list of names from a bunch of people. This makes our job really easy because we just find the house and talk to them so we should have no excuses. The baptisms this week went well! I didn't preform any of them because we didn't have time to stop and grab any of my clothes but there was a member who was baptizing his son so we had him do it. 

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