Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First Area - Tema

Tema is the area that I'm in. The area is the same area as the MTC. It's not too bad at all. A lot of the other missionaries said that it's the hardest area. The heat isn't too bad right now luckily. We ride our bikes around and I've only met a few of the investigators. One of my teachers from the MTC is in my ward so that will be awesome!

My companion's name is Elder Silika from New Zealand he's been out 19 months and is kind of in that cruising mode. I am excited to work hard.
I washed my laundry today and it took about 2 hours. I bought a big bag of rice and 1 kilo of chicken and there is an African version of Top Ramen which is called Indo-mie which is 50 peswas each (about 30 cents) so it's not too bad. I'm sure I'll be eating TONS of that!
It is weird sleeping with a mosquito net. It's nice that we each have a fan, I usually get cold at night and throw on the little blanket I brought. 
I'm kind of bummed because the internet is really slow so I probably won't get many pictures off. 
I tried a local dish that is like Fufu called Bonkou. It's like a bread dough consistency but warm and we dipped it into a soup, a fish soup this time. The fish soup was alright. It definitely will take some getting used to. 
I enjoy reading the scriptures and trying to answer investigators questions. So far the hardest one to answer has been "if Moses killed someone why was he able to be forgiven so easily and do so many great things" I couldn't think of an answer. We met a guy and almost had a Bible bash because he was so stubborn, it was quite funny though. 
I'm alive and well and me and my companion are getting along. Keep praying for me, need all the help that is possible.


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