Sunday, March 25, 2012

First Letters from Home - Mom

We received your email about how felt a little discouraged and inadequate.  This was hard for us to see you go through because you are such a wonderful strong spirit Son of God.  I know that you can move past those feelings and really understand the great worth you have being on your mission, getting ready to serve the Ghana people for the Lord and bringing them a message of hope and faith.  (its true I cried when I got your first email because you are so far away and I just was glad to hear from you, I'm sure it will get easier with time).

The important thing to know is we aren't the first people to be in this situation.  Many missionaries have gone before and many mothers and fathers had to say goodbye for two years (early in the church it was even married men leaving wives and children for more then two years). Draw strength through companions and leaders there.  Soon you will be among the people and the members.  They will be great support and strength to you as well.  

I am sure the heat is going to be a challenge ....maybe you really will have to roll in the mud out there to stay cool :-)  

Dad had each of the kids email you and I think that's what we're going to do every Sunday.  I hope you enjoy hearing from them too.

So if you are at like Internet cafe's when you get out of the MTC maybe you'll want to try to print the emails for fear of the power going out?  I'm sure the other elders have it worked out the best way, so ask them.  

I looked up the weather there last night and it was about midnight for you and it was 84 degrees.  I don't think you took a light blanket other then your sheets anyway right?   Just looked right now and it looks a bit cooler tonight only 74 for ya.  

I better go before this gets too lengthy know how I can go on and on and on....  :-)  

I love you son.  I know that you can do hard things.  You CAN do hard things. (chant this to yourself if you have to sometimes)  

Oh ....have you figured out anything you wish you had brought that we can send later for you?

I love you more then you know, 


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